December 2020

Astrology Forecast For December 2020

For so many reasons 2020 will definitely be one to remember. This year has been all about breaking down old constructs. With the intense sign of Scorpio in November we have done deep shadow work, releasing blocks and shining a light on all the skeletons in our closet. December moves into the lighter sign of Sagittarius giving us all a much needed breathing space. For a short time. We move from the serious Capricorn sign to the evolutionary awakening sign of Aquarius. We are literally now moving into the Age of Aquarius. So be prepared for big things in December. 

December 5th: Venus Trines Neptune

As the planet of love and romance trines with the watery sign of Neptune then this is a good time to focus on our relationships. Spend quality time with loved ones and speak from the heart. You may want to surround yourself more with beauty so alot of us might be wanting to change up our homes. This is the tender loving effect of Venus as she opens up our hearts. You may feel triggered if you have issues around opening up or getting hurt. 

December 11th: Sun Trines Mars

This trine makes it an ideal time to start new projects as our creative expression is expanding and we have more energy due to the Mars going Direct again. The Mars energy brings motivation, expansion and energy. Sometimes though this energy can bring about power struggles so watch out for trying to out compete others as you may lose your integrity or what it is your really wanting to achieve. As the Sun brings her influence to this sign you are wanting to shine your light and be noticed. This can make you feel more confident and push you outside your usual comfort zone. 

December 14th: New Moon/Solar Eclipse

This New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius and is a Solar Eclipse which can mean the effect of this New Moon is that much more potent. As it conjuncts with Mercury the main themes are communication and sharing ideas. This may bring more focus to our connections and the ways in which we communicate. The effect of this New Moon can have an positive effect on our friendships, communities and loved ones as we share our ideas and expand our knowledge base. This is a good time to really delve deep into your learning. To feel more focused on what your wanting to bring more of into your life. 

December 21st: Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn

This conjunction happens every 19 years and is known as the Great Conjunction and is believed to coincide with rise and fall of great rulers. This powerful time brings good fortune, freedom and expansion. Many astrologers believe this time can mark a huge transition period for humanity as we move from earthy Capricorn to the airy sign of Aquarius. A similar event happened in Mar 21st when Saturn moved into Aquarius briefly, just when the pandemic really started to build up speed. This had an massive effect on the sign of Air as Air travel and travel in general became restricted. And that was just an sneak peak into the effect of this conjunction. 

Reading into this conjunction there are a few things that could happen during this period. It can mean the start of deeper control by government authorities on free speech and how we communicate i.e. what can be said and what cannot be said online. This could be the effect of Saturn on Aquarius as Saturn tries to stifle the free loving Aquarius from making radical changes. It can also mean greater restrictions due to the pandemic and issues around controlling it, which can again bring tighter controls. When we do all this in an Aquarius transition then its not going to be taken lightly by the masses that’s for sure. December 21st can be the start of something big. Watch this space. 

December 23rd: Mars Squares Pluto

The key themes of this square is power struggles and confrontation. Hmmm after what I just wrote about the Great Conjunction a few days prior then that isn’t surprising. On a personal level this sign can shine a light on our own desires, causing feelings of frustration if were feeling far from our dreams. Make sure you have an outlet for any intense emotions as it can mean aggression coming up to the surface causing arguments and confrontation. It’s important to really tune into your body and your emotions. Notice where their feeling stuck and do something productive with the energy of this date. For example, work, exercise and making sure your putting self care as a priority. 

December 25th: Mercury Trine Uranus

On Christmas day we have this positive aspect of Mercury (sign of Communication) trining with Uranus (Planet of change and awakening). This can bring new insights and an expansion of ideas. Communication will be easier during this time and we feel closer to family and friends as we share forward thinking ideas. It can also bring new connections that resonate with you on a soul level and really help you on your path. This awakening energy can also deepen your spiritual connection and make you feel more in tune with your higher self. 

December 29th: Full Moon In Cancer

We wrap up the year of 2020 with a Full Moon in the homely watery sign of Cancer. This is the perfect time to let go of what has been and look to the future with positive new energy and outlook. 2021 is still going to be rough. Were now in Aquarius energy but that doesn’t mean its bad. Just different. Were going to be going through a huge transition period and 2020 was just the start. This New Moon can bring up intense emotions because Cancer is just that. A sign that rules over our emotions. Rather than trying to run away from how were feeling instead acknowledge it, feel into it and understand it. But don’t hold onto it. This Full Moon has the potential for really deep healing and transformation. 

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