August 2020

Astrology Forecast For August 2020

August 2020

Full Moon In Aquarius Aug 3rd

Key Themes: Psychic Intuition, Spiritual Awakening, Shadow Work

This Full Moon is an intense one (but aren’t they all) but this one definitely goes deep. Aquarius is the sign of Spiritual awakening and pushing boundaries of societal rules. I recommend you definitely slow down on this one. Doing some shadow work (means working on your hidden gifts and blocks this month will be key in helping you to really make progress on your Spiritual path. 

Crystals to use: Amazonite, Amethyst, Celestite and Quartz

Angel Healing: Call on the powerful blue ray of Archangel Michael for protection during this intense time. 

Mercury In Leo 4th August

Key Themes: Confidence, New Skills, Generosity

Mercury is linked to how we communicate and expand our awareness. It can help us to put into words what we are truly thinking and feeling. With it being in the sign of Leo it’s time to be generous with our words and the Universe will pay us back dividends. Maybe compliment loved ones, help each other to succeed. Raise each other up and you yourself accept compliments from others. This is also the perfect time to shine your light, put yourself out there more and really start gaining confidence in your skills and abilities. 

Crystals To Use: Citrine, Topaz and Opalite

Angels To Call On: Call on Archangel Uriel who is linked to the powerful ray of communication and spiritual awareness. 

Venus In Cancer Aug 7th

Key Themes: Love, Home, Desires, Comforts

Alot of us Cancerians will feel at home when Venus moves into our signs. Venus is the planet of love and pleasure. This is why when Venus is in Cancer it just feels at home. Because it literally feeds the Cancerian desire for food, home and comforts. It will be in the sign for the rest of this month so watch out for over indulging. You may want to stay in those comfies all day everyday or eat chocolate till the cows come home but it’s important to find a little balance. Though as I’m writing this I feel such an expansion in my heart. I think this we need to give ourselves more permission to over indulge. especially after such a tough few months. So allow your body to rest and yes you have full permission to indulge. 

Crystals To Use: Rose Quartz, Angelite, Moonstone

Angels To Call On: Working with the gentle pink energy of Archangel Chamuel is ideal for this time. 

Mars In Aries Aug 6th Till 16th

Key Themes: Truth, Deep Healing, Social Changes

Mars is the planet of assertion and action so when it’s in the sign of the fiery Aries it can mean some tough energies coming into play this month. On a global level this planet may cause some upheavals especially the political and economic climate. I wouldn’t be surprised that some hidden truths will come to light during this time. Things that may shock us or bring our attention to the weaknesses within our governments that have long needed to be addressed. On a personal level you may feel easily aggravated. Try and avoid arguments or work on being the peace keeper. 


Crystals To Use: Obsidian, Tigers Eye


Angels To Call On: Calming energy of Archangel Azrael who can help us through times of change and upheaval.  

Leo New Moon Aug 18th

Key Themes: Having fun, joyful living, harmony

The key themes for this New Moon is to go inward to your heart. What is it your truly desire? Are you feeling confined by the structures of a society that no longer fits your life? We are all having to change some aspects of what we envisioned for the future and readjust to a new idea of what our future might look like. The first step is always tuning in to what your heart and soul is telling you. No one said this awakening process was meant to be easy but we have so much on our side. Literally the heavens are aligning for us. 

Crystals To Use: Azeztulite, Jade, Carnelian

Angels To Call On: The healing energy of Archange Raphael to help us heal what we need to let go off. 


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