April Astrology

Astrology Forecast For April 2021

April Astrology

April 2021 Astrology Guide

The last few weeks of March have been busy and fast paced and as we move deeper into the energies of Spring this very much seems to be continuing. 

This means it’s an good time to take action on projects and goals as the energy of Aries means were ready to make headway on what’s important to us. 

There is another aspect to April though and that is linked to the Aquarian age. April is definitely the month of manifesting but it’s manifesting from the HEART. 

We need to let go of the old Piscean way of thinking and doing things and instead forge our own path based on our higher values and selves. 

So let’s delve in to see what’s coming up for this month astrologically. 

April 3rd - Mercury in Aries

A day for speaking with intention. 

This strong dynamic duo means that tensions and emotions could be running high in the first week of April as the Planet of communication moves into the headstrong sign of Aries.

The reason for this is that opinions and people wanting to make sure they are being heard can bring deep seated issues and arguments to the surface. Notice when and if you have been triggered. Be mindful that some may want to overshare and try and avoid any gossip.


April 6th - Sun Conjuncts Ceres

This is an day for deep healing.  

Ceres links us in with the divine feminine as it represents motherhood, healing and feminine wisdom. Ceres can also shine an light on issues with our own mothers and our connection to the divine feminine. 

With the Sun in conjunction we may feel an desire to reconnect to our womb space and work on healing aspects of ourselves that links in with the feminine. Ceres is all about self care and how we bring nourishment and support to ourselves and each other. 


April 9th - Mars Squares Neptune

This is an day for trusting your intuition.  

This influence can bring up issues around how we communicate and are heard. On the collective level it can mean an scandal or something that was kept hidden suddenly being revealed. 

This is again an day that is about moving through our triggers and noticing what, within our own lives, needs to be revealed. Are we communicating our true intentions or are we trying to hide? Be honest with yourself as this is an time to release old belief systems. 


April 11th - New Moon in Aries

This is an day to take charge and have confidence.  

This powerful New Moon is all about setting clear intentions and working on an action plan. But the important aspect of this New Moon is the energy of Aquarius. When we work on our dreams we need to now think of it on an more collective scale. How can we be of greater service to ourselves and others? Is my dreams coming from an place of ego or love? 


April 13th - Sun Conjuncts Eris

This is an day to do shadow work.  

Eris is the dwarf planet that in Greek Mythology was the Goddess of War and discord. In astrology it is seen as the feminine aspect of Mars so it brings some intense energies but that works on an more subtle level. 

This is because Eris brings up feelings of discord within ones own energy, making them feel stuck and fed up if an current situation is no longer in alignment with who they truly are. This is an perfect time to do shadow work and clear away anything that you feel is keeping you stuck and working on old belief systems that have been holding you back. 



April 14th - Venus in Taurus

This is an day for relationships and self care.  

These two go together like Wine and Chocolate or something else you love 🙂 The beautiful sensual sign of Taurus in the planet of love, Venus shines an light on our relationships. Are we ready to truly open our hearts to love? Can we be vulnerable with those closest to us? 

With the sensual sign of Taurus this is also an good day for self care and indulgence. It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes and know that you don’t need an excuse to be that little bit kinder to yourself. 


April 18th - Sun Conjuncts Mercury

This is an day for communication.  

As we move deeper into April the energy slows down much more. With the Sun conjuncting with Mercury it shines an light on how we communicate with others. It can mean that we may not trust our intuition as much and could be easily influenced or swayed by anothers opinion. Make sure to stand in your own power and trust where you are being guided. 


April 19th - Taurus Season

Life will certainly slow down alot more and for many of us that can bring an wave of relief as we may feel drained and tired. Taurus brings an loving nurturing aspect to the month and focuses more on self care and nourishment. It can also mean over indulgence as this sign does like its pleasures. 


April 22nd - Venus Conjuncts Uranus

Venus again shines an light on our relationships as we may feel triggered or easily annoyed by our partners. This is because the volatile energy of Uranus means that people can either be oversharing or not enough. Notice around this time if your placing your expectations and worth on someone else. Work on being centred and confident within yourself. Know that another cannot truly give you happiness if you do not feel worthy. 


April 23rd - Mars in Cancer

With Mars in the watery emotional sign of Cancer it can bring up difficult emotions and make us feel angsty and easily triggered. This is an good time to work on an project and stay productive as if we get caught up in our emotions and minds we can easily get bogged down and feel stuck. 


April 26th - Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio brings up intense emotions around this Super Full Moon but also has potential for being an deep cleansing and restorative Full Moon. Tune into how your feeling and work on connecting to your Soul. This is an perfect time to release old baggage and gain deeper wisdom. 


April 27th - Pluto in Retrograde

We haven’t had an Retrograde for awhile and this one is more of an restorative one as Pluto slows down and gives us space to process our own emotions and energy. This is such an positive thing and I always see Retrogrades as opportunities to slow down and heal. 


April 30th - Sun Conjuncts Uranus

We end the month on this powerful conjunction that brings transformation and wisdom. Uranus represents radical and innovating solutions and links in with the Aquarian energy of this year. This is an good time to gain deeper wisdom and insight or embark on an new learning journey. 


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