Are You A Lightworker? Find Out The Signs You Are One

Are you a lightworker?...Read on to find out


A lightworker is someone who feels a strong calling to be of service in some way to others and the Planet. From a young age you may have felt a strong calling that there is a reason you are here, even if it isn’t clear what that reason is. 

Many lightworkers feel a disconnection from themselves and their gifts due to the constant overwhelm they feel at the state of the World. They feel a deep sadness in their souls that things are meant to be better. Some even feel like outsiders, black sheep and uncertain where they fit in. 

But as a lightworker your job is not to fit in but instead to focus on accessing your light in order to make a change in the world. 

Below are some signs that indicate you are a lightworker.

1. You have a natural ability to listen and heal others

Lightworkers can make great therapists because they have this natural ability to soothe and calm others just by their presence. You maybe drawn to healing modalities as you may have had to go through your own healing crisis in the past. This has taught you how to understand spiritual and physical ways of healing, something you may feel passionate about. You have deep empathy for the needs and emotions of others but may find it difficult to deal with negative situations as you naturally take on someone else’s pain as your own. 


2. You feel a strong connection to the spiritual realms

You may feel a deep appreciation for all faiths and religions and may not necessarily focus on one particular path to spirituality but have a connection to many. You may feel that spirituality is an individual and do not force beliefs or views onto others. You may also feel a connection to ancient paths, wisdom and societies such as Ancient Egypt. Spirituality for you is building a connection to your soul and understanding your true purpose. You may also believe in angels and have always felt protected or watched over by a higher power. 

3. You believe in the law of attraction

Thinking creatively and understanding that your thoughts create your reality is not an concept foreign to you. You understand the power of the mind and believe in creating your own reality. Sometimes this may feel hard as you know how to do it but can feel blocked due to fears or belief systems you may have taken on from others. Being a lightworker is about trusting your dreams and where you are being guided, which can mean overcoming some difficult obstacles. 

4. You feel a deep connection to Mother Earth

You have a deep respect for mother nature and animals. You believe that all things are created equal and every aspect of our Planet is Sacred. For you being out in nature is a way for you to recharge so it’s important you take time away from the busy world and give yourself this space for healing and growth. 

5. You find it difficult to fit in

Sometimes you feel like you have to play the role of someone else in order to fit in. Being an outsider can be difficult but it also means you have a greater perspective that others may not have. You can see through people. You know by their energy whether they are lying or being deceitful so you may find that you only have a handful of trusted friends around you. Sometimes people may feel triggered by you for this reason as well because you can see so clearly their is nowhere for someone who is fearful and angry to hide.  

6. The 9 to 5 life drains you

The regular office job can feel draining for you as lightworkers are natural empaths so dealing with alot of people can be too much. Carving out your own way and path in the world may suit you better but if you are in an office job focusing on self care and knowing when you need time for yourself is important so you can recharge your batteries.

7. You may have faced trauma or difficult situations

Often lightworkers have had to face traumatic or life changing experiences that shaped their understanding of the world and their path. This may have resulted in a Spiritual Awakening or a Spiritual Crisis where you have had to deal with depression and anxiety. If this is still you understand and be patient with yourself. Learn about different spiritual tools you can access that can help you clear your energy. 

8. You naturally feel drawn to crystals

Crystals connect us to the earth and specific frequencies that they emit which can trigger awakening and healing. As a lightworker the energy of crystals is soothing and you feel naturally drawn to working with them. This may lead you to learn how to bring crystals into your life for healing not just yourself but others as well. 

As a lightworker you want to bring positive change to the world. But I want to tell you that you are already doing this just by being here. Your light, your energy is all that is needed. Often lightworkers put pressure on themselves to find their soul purpose, feeling like they are running out of time. This desire for purpose is your soul calling you to access your inner light. Once you do that all else falls into place. 

So how can we access our light?

By being ourselves. Unfiltered, authentic, loving selves. Don’t change who you are for anyone or anything. Trust your heart because that is your compass in life. If you feel an expansion in your heart then your on the right path but if you feel constricted, anxious or low then trust those feelings. Ask your heart what is it your soul is calling you to do. Your light is not something you have to find. It is already there. 

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Joanna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher and Healer and Angel Teacher. She teaches online workshops, classes and courses as well as readings for lightworkers and starseeds. If you would like to learn more please follow on Social Media below.

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