Quantum Manifestation

In this simple guide on Quantum Manifestation learn how to tap into the power of your mind to create real positive change within your energy field and body so that you can manifest your dream life.

Manifesting using the quantum realm requires an understanding of quantum physics and its relationship to the power of thought. To manifest using the quantum realm, it is important to understand the power of intention and how it can influence the physical world. Intention is the energy of thought and the force behind manifestation. When you focus your intention on something, you are sending out a signal that has the potential to create a physical result. 

When we learn to become aware of the potential of our thoughts and the power of intention we can consciously visualise and create what we want in our lives. In this blog I will be sharing an simple guide on using the Quantum Realm to access our infinite potential and create an positive change in our lives.

Understand Quantum Physics

Quantum Theory is the study of matter and energy at nanoscopic levels. It was found that light particles did not behave in the way that science first thought and instead acted as if an intelligence governed them. 

When light particles were forced through a double slit it was found that they behaved as either waves or particles depending on how the observation was set up. 

It has then led to the belief that our natural Universe is not just a mechanical machine as first thought but a diverse and complex wave of systems governed by an higher intelligence. 

Quantum Physics is believed to be the bridge between science and spirituality. Many ancient wisdoms have already answered the questions that Quantum Theory is currently in the process of finding.

Your Thoughts Create Your Physical Reality

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Scientific studies have shown that our thoughts can create physical changes within our body. Your brain releases neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers that communicate with parts of itself and your nervous system. These neurotransmitters control everything within our body from hormone regulation to digestion as well as our emotional responses. 

Every thought that you have creates an cascade of information via these neurotransmitters that can flood your body with positive hormones such as dopamine or a stress responses caused by an influx of adrenaline (ie fight or flight response). 

Studies have shown that an daily gratitude practice can increase the amount of dopamine, a feel good hormone, to move through the body. Other similar ways you can focus on increasing these feel good hormones is through meditation, positive visualisation and listening to healing frequency music. 

Align Your Thoughts To An Higher Vibration

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If you can think of your brain as a computer, your conscious mind represents the everyday function of an computer and the subconscious mind is the program. The conscious mind controls the everyday functions of life, such as eating, moving and thinking whilst the subconscious mind represents our every memory and beliefs. It is through the subconscious mind we can make the biggest change to our energy field. 

I have found the most powerful way to access my subconscious mind is through listening to daily affirmations or meditating listening to frequency music such as Solfeggio Frequencies. When we learn to tune our minds to an higher vibration we can start telling it what to think.  We become the conscious creator of our own destiny and lives. We are often wrongly led to believe we have no control over our thoughts but you absolutely do. 

Focus on an daily practice that works for you where you can spend 10 mins to 30 mins a day on high vibrational energy work. My routine varies but I usually like to sit for 30 mins in the evening doing an visualisation meditation where I visualise what I want to create in my life by focusing on positive feelings and intentions behind that thought. 

Also having a daily gratitude practice where you write down all the things in your life that you are grateful for. By being more aware of the good that is already in our lives, brings us into alignment with an higher vibration as well as allowing us to be more open to more good things coming. 

The Power of Visualisation

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We now know the power of our thoughts and our mind so how can we use that to manifest? We know the power of gratitude and meditation but lets delve deeper into using visualisation techniques for manifesting.

Let’s start with the power of emotions. As an example think of a loved one, someone you care deeply for. It could be an person or a pet. Bring them into your minds eye and for a moment focus on the love you have for that person. Feel that love expanding from your heart, notice that sense of expansion. Imagine multiplying that feeling ten fold as you send that love to the person you are thinking off. 

Did you notice you had an emotional response to this thought? What did it feel like? Where did you feel it? Maybe it was an surge of love you felt from your heart, or a deep sense of peace within your mind? These sort of emotional responses can make positive and powerful changes to our energy field. When we learn to harness and use them consciously we can start aligning ourselves with what we do want to create in our lives.

This is why I teach about the power of visualisation when I’m doing Coaching with my clients. We can start to make powerful changes in our lives when we visualise on what we do want to create. First of all you need complete clarity on what you want to manifest. Imagine your dream life a year from now. What are you doing? How do you look? Where are you? See in absolute crystal clear clarity your dream life as if it was a movie your watching at the cinema. Then during meditation visualise your dream life. See it and feel it deep within your heart and soul. Allow those positive emotions to wash over you as you imagine creating the life of your dreams. 

The more you practice this type of visualisation the more you will create raise your vibration to match what your dream. 

Simple Step by Step Guide To Accessing The Quantum Realm

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So to recap here is a simple guide to accessing the Quantum Realm:

1. Create positive changes within your mind – Focus on affirmations, positive intentions and gratitude to align the subconscious mind to an higher vibration

2.  Raise your vibration – Have a daily practice that brings positive energy into your life by focusing on increasing the positive energy within. This can be done by having a daily gratitude practice, meditation and listening to frequency music.

3. Positive Visualisation – Focus on the emotions and intentions of what you want to manifest by having an clear vision. Have a daily meditation practice where you can focus on this vision in as much clarity as possible as well as focusing on the positive emotions behind this intention.

Do this for at least a month and notice the positive effects aligning with the Quantum Realm has on your life.

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