A Guide For Lightworkers – How to Live Your Soul Purpose

Lightworkers, often from an early age, feel a deep calling in their hearts and souls that they are here for a higher purpose. The term lightworker really means someone who embodies their souls gifts for the greater good oand to help raise the vibration of this planets consciousness. 

I have worked, supported and provided guidance for lightworkers for the last decade and in that time I have met some incredibly, gifted souls. Many have gone through difficult or traumatic experiences at a young age and this has led them on a journey of healing and self discovery. 

A lightworkers mission is to shift the collective energy of the Planet towards peace, justice and sustainability. 

Signs You Are A Lightworker


Some of the main signs you are a lightworker include:

  • You have always questioned the status quo and found it hard to fit in structured ways of living such as in School and work as you feel a deep sense that things are meant to be different. 
  • You are a natural empath and often pick up on the thoughts, emotions and energy of others. People are drawn to your soothing energy and will often come to you for advice or guidance, making you a natural healer and therapist. 
  • You have always been Spiritual, feeling like their is more to this world than what we are told. You may believe in angels, spirit guides and the spiritual realm but also appreciate and respect all faiths. 
  • You are a creative and have an incredible imagination. As a child you may have been seen as the daydreamer because you would often be in your own world. 
  • You feel a deep connection to Mother Earth and have an profound respect for all living beings as  you believe everything has an intelligent life-force that needs to be respected
  • You are easily drained by others and find it difficult to be in crowded places for long periods of time. 


Stepping Into Your Lightworker Gifts

A lightworkers gift comes from their soul.

The Soul is the very essence of who you are. It is your highest self, consisting of pure light energy.

So to step into your gifts as a lightworker requires you to learn how to connect too and listen to the voice of your soul. 

Your souls voice is gentle, kind and compassionate and one way to connect to your soul is through meditation. 

Below is a simple step by step meditation guide on connecting to your soul:

1. Take a moment to breathe deeply. Counting your breathes up to 10 until you feel relaxed and centred. 

2. Visualise a chord of light flowing down from your root chakra into the Earth below, anchoring your energy with that of Mother Earth so you are protected

3. Then visualise a pillar of white light flowing down from the Universe into the top of your head and down around your whole energy field, cleansing and clearing your energy as it moves down and out your feet. Take a few moments to connect to this light and imagine breathing it into your body so that it cleanses and clears the very cells of your being.

4. Next bring your attention to your heart chakra and visualise within your heart a beautiful luminescent white light. At first it is small but as you breathe deeply in, visualise your breathe moving into your heart space, expanding this white light further and further out from your heart. 

5. With every in-breathe imagine this white light expanding out around your whole energy field. Feel the loving energy of this light as you breathe it in. This light is your soul and see it expand outwards, feeling the pure essence and beauty of your light as you expand it. 

6. Keep this visualisation in your mind strong for the next few minutes until you are ready to bring your soul light back into your heart. 

7. When you are ready close down by centring yourself and bring your awareness back to your root chakra

When you do this soul meditation on a daily basis it becomes easier to start understanding your souls guidance. 

Check out my blog on how to activate your soul gifts here

Sharing Your Lightworker Gifts


Taking ownership of your spiritual journey and growth is one of the most important things you can do. I realised this when I was giving Angel Readings to my clients and the advice I was giving was something I needed to follow as well. 

Sometimes we have to go through some really crappy times before we can uncover our gifts and our light. But this is your story as a Hero or Heroine. Your here to move through the darkness in order to stand in your light, helping others to do the same. 

The biggest issue facing lightworkers right now is being seen authentically for our work. The rise of Social Media and the current pandemic crisis has been a difficult thing for us all to navigate our way through. In the wider online world I definitely see alot of false light. People who promise the world but haven’t done the work themselves. 

You cannot promise anything to anyone. Your job as a lightworker is to understand what your true joy is. What would you do if there was no ties to financial gain or external validation? What makes your heart sing and places you in a state of flow?

For me even writing this blog and posting everyday on social media – I do that work with very little to no validation from anyone. My business is tiny. I certainly don’t make enough to support myself or my family (I have a Part-time job as well) but I do this work because my soul calls me too. Even on days when I feel rubbish, lost or down I always come back to this work because sharing Spiritual ideas and providing guidance for people is just something I’ve always felt a calling to do. 

So being a lightworker doesn’t always mean some grand idea that will suddenly transform your life and make you loads of money. That is not what this path is about. 

A lightworker can be anyone from a loving mother caring compassionately for her child. Its a smile to a stranger even if you have been having a bad day you still want to life the hearts of others. Its the patient teacher with a student she knows is going through alot. Its the policeman who is trying to help a lost soul find their way back. 

A lightworker is not a job. It is who you are. 


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