5 Simple Ways To Manifest With The Moon

The Moon is a powerful force of nature that influences every area of our lives. Every month we go through 8 phases of the Moon Cycle. The Full Moon and New Moon is the most powerful phase to align with. 

In this blog I will be sharing 5 simple ways you can manifest with the moon to change your life. 

During the New Moon Phase we see this as the perfect time to set your intentions. Clarity is essential for this so really dig deep. Understand why you want this goal? How will it make a difference to your life? A good way to do this is to write down your goals. Have a moon journal which can be a powerful way to align with the moon cycles and set your intentions. 

Step 2: Have A Plan Of Action

Once we are clear on what we want we then need to have a plan. Break down your goal into easy manageable steps. For example, if i wanted to learn about a new subject my first step would maybe to buy a book on it. The next step would be to watch videos and deepen my knowledge or maybe go on a course. An action plan with a timeframe can be super handy to keep you on track. Because if your anything like me, procrastination is my middle name 🙂 


Step 3: Raise Your Vibe

Your energy has an huge influence on how you manifest. I love the phrase “where attention goes, energy flows.” By focusing on what you are grateful for each present moment, raises your energy to a higher vibe state. This in turn says to the Universe “Yes! Give me more of this please!” Each morning before you start the day say YES! Say yes to new opportunities, new ideas and keep your vibe in an open, loving state. 

Step 3: Let It Go

During the Full Moon phase we then release all our blocks, fears and mindsets that has been holding us back. A good simple releasing ritual is to write down all the ways you stop yourself from success. All your negative belief systems, deep seated fears etc. Then (extremely safely) let all of this stuff go by burning that paper. Imagine as all those blocks and fears burn away that these are being released from your own energy field. Afterwards have an cleansing bath using epsom salts and spend some time being super kind to yourself. 

Step 4: Self Love Is Key

Learn to love yourself in every moment of life. This gift that has been given to us is fleeting. We need to make the most of it. Even through those moments that feel challenging or difficult it is important to always love yourself. Love your body, your beautiful mind and incredible soul. Love how amazing you are. How gifted you are. Self Love is can heal and transform your life but to do this you need to love every aspect of who you are right at this very moment. 

Step 5: Grow and Expand

Life is about the journey. Not the destination. We learn, we make mistakes, we grow. Do not be hard on yourself when things don’t work out. Try and instead see the setbacks as opportunities for growth. We see mistakes as something wrong or bad. But do we shout at babies who are just learning to walk and fall down. No. Of course not. Instead we teach them to get back up and keep trying. Not giving up on your dreams can be tough. But not as tough as giving up on them altogether and never actually trying. 

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