5 Simple New Moon Rituals For Manifestation

The New Moon is the beginning of an new cycle or phase. It represents an time of rebirth and transformation. The New Moon is the perfect time to set your intentions for the month ahead, as well as gaining clarity on what you want your future to look like. 

The New Moon reminds us to go inward and work on ourselves for the greater good. When you start aligning with the cycles of the Moon you notice how much more in sync you become with your own soul. 

To find out when the next New Moon is check out the online Moon Phase calendar here

In this blog we will be going over some simple rituals you can try to power up your own manifestation abilities. 

New Moon

The New Moon is the perfect time to refresh and reset your space and energy. Cleanse and clear your space each time it’s a New Moon. It’s a good reminder to let go off anything you have been hoarding as well as allowing space for new energy to come into your life. 

When we hold onto clutter it can affect our own energy, making us feel stuck and lethargic. As well as clearing your space it’s also a good idea to cleanse it. I like to use crystals for this and place them in certain areas of my rooms.

For example, amethyst is a good for increasing positive vibes so I have it in my bedroom and living room. Green Aventurine is an great good luck crystal and I have that next to my plants in the kitchen. Also having an black crystal like Obsidian by the entrances to your home can help to absorb negative energies. 

Using incense such as frankincense and rose can really uplift an space so I have incense sticks or if your not keen on them use them in an oil burner as aromatherapy. 

2. Set Your Intentions

New Moon

Setting intentions means to have an goal or idea in mind and writing that goal down as if it has already happened. The New Moon is the perfect time to give birth to new ideas or projects.

But what if you haven’t a clue what you actually want? Rather than writing something specific such as “I want an new job” write down how you want to feel. For example if your wanting a new job because you need more abundance write down “I create more abundance in my life” or if your wanting to be more creative write “I live from an creative and passionate space.”

Once you write down what you want to bring into your life notice how you want to feel. Write down those emotions and then imagine that your already living from that space of positivity. See what you are doing. Get really clear on those emotions as this is an powerful way to start bringing into our lives what we truly desire. 

To find our more on how to set intentions that work check out my other blog here

3. Cleansing Bath Ritual

New Moon

Another great way to work with New Moon energy is to cleanse and clear your own body. A New Moon bath is an great way to release anything that is no longer serving you and it can be really simple. Below are some easy steps for creating your own New Moon Bath. 

  1. Run your bath and use aromatherapy oils such as rose and lavender. 

  2. Add epsom crystals or himalayan salt to the bath for its cleansing and purifying properties. 

  3. Add crystals around your bath such as rose quartz

  4. Listen to relaxing music

  5. When you get in the bath imagine all the negative energy you have been holding onto releasing into the bath water. 

  6. Take time to relax and when you have finished imagine as you unplug the bath that the water has cleansed anything and it is now being released. 

  7. Say an simple prayer to end such as “I now release with love anything that no longer serves me.”

4. Write An Gratitude List

New Moon

The New Moon is all about raising our energy so we bring more positivity in our lives. To do that we need to first be thankful with what we already have. When we set intentions from an space of fear and lack more often than not our manifestation powers will not work. 

It can be difficult especially during times of uncertainty and worry to really know what to be thankful for. But when you expand your awareness and live more in the present moment it becomes easier. The simplest things to be thankful for can make a difference. It can be anything from that first warm cup of coffee in the morning to being warm and cosy. 


5. Make An Heart Awakening Rose Latte

So I only just found out about such an thing called an rose latte and I made it the other day and it was divine! Rose has such healing properties and it can really help us to connect to our hearts. This simple rose latte is warming and uplifting. It felt like love in a mug. 

So I thought it would be the perfect step to include for an Moon Ritual since this time is all about reconnecting to ourselves. To make an rose latte below are some simple steps but you can find the full recipe here

  1. Heat milk of your choice. Soya went perfectly for me but you can use any kind you prefer

  2. Add an 1 tsp of vanilla essence

  3. Add 2 tsp of Rose Water

  4. 1/3 cup frozen raspberries (optional). I used dried strawberries and it tasted amazing as well. 

  5. Heat milk for 5 minutes or until the fruit has dissolved. Then take if off the heat and let it cool down for a few minutes before blending the milk

  6. Then sieve mixture and add 1 tsp honey and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. The recipe says to blend again but my mixture seemed smooth so just notice how it is for you. 

  7. Then taste and enjoy 🙂 

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