5 Rituals To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

5 Rituals To Awaken Your Inner Goddess For Empowerment

5 Rituals To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

It’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable in my own skin and body. If I’m honest I still have days where I doubt myself. I wake up sometimes filled with fear and question my self worth. Then I remember about my work with the Goddess. She who moves through us all. She activates our inner wisdom and power. Creates sustenance for our souls and shows us the way to our own inner light. The Goddess moves through us all. But we have forgotten the old ways where we would just sit and listen to Her. Hear her voice in the trees, in our child’s eyes and our own hearts. 

Goddess work is neither easy nor a quick fix to modern life’s problems. Because She teaches us to remember our own path, not the one laid out before us by society and political ideology but our own ancient path. The one we chose before we incarnated here. It is not an easy  path. Sometimes it can be a painful one, filled with loneliness and fear. Other times you have this heart awakening, earth shattering moments of glimmering insight and awareness, where you remember the Divine within. 

In this blog I will share some simple daily rituals to help you activate your inner Goddess and heal your soul. 

1. Align With The Cycles Of The Moon


Our Ancient Ancestors would holds a close relationship to the Moon because they knew the power of the Moon Cycle to ourselves and our planet. The Moon represents the Divine Feminine as it moves through a 28 day cycle which also aligns with the cycle of a woman’s own menstrual cycle. In Tarot the Moon is noted to be the card of Mystery, feminine wisdom and healing. By aligning with the cycles of the Moon you become more aware of your own emotional and physical cycle. How life ebbs and flows each month. I realised that during a New Moon I would feel much more emotional and a desire to slow down and around the first quarter moon I would feel  more energised and ready to start projects. Below is a diagram of the Moon Cycles and their meaning. 

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Moon Phases

2. Activate Your Intuition


When you learn to tap into your divine feminine power you become more sensitive to the energies around you, noticing more what resonates or what doesn’t on a deeper level. Your intuition is your compass, directing you to your path of purpose and light. Your intuition shows itself to you in a number of ways, either through your feelings, a sense of knowing, inner voice or messages in the form of pictures or words. This depends on your own intuitive channel and to understand how your intuition talks to you you need to learn to tune inward and quieten your mind. This can be done through mindfullness, meditation or journalling. Then start recognising when your intuition is talking to you. Maybe when your needing to make a decision you either feel an expansion in your heart which is telling you it is the right path or a sinking feeling in your stomach which can mean you need to make a different choice. Also learn to ask your intuition. See it as an higher aspect of yourself. Simply ask for guidance and allow the answers to come to you naturally. 

3. Practice Gratitude

By cultivating an sense of gratitude you start to notice more and more the good that life offers you. You see even through the bad days all that you do have and makes you focus more on that good stuff. Negative thought patterns can keep us stuck in a loop of dispair and pain. But by noticing and appreciating what you do have breaks that cycle, raising your vibration and allowing you to bring into your life more of what you notice with love. A gratitude practice doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact the simpler it is the more powerful the effects. For me I write down 5 things I am grateful for in my life and 5 things in the future I am grateful for the Universe providing me (like writing a wish list to the Universe). Doing this in the morning creates the space I need to reconnect to my higher truth and start the day off on the right track. 

4. Connect To Nature - Earthing

I have alot of pets – 2 rabbits and 2 dogs so they have helped me to build my connection to mother earth. Sometimes I just sit outside on the grass with my rabbits and allow myself to just be, no expectations, no to do lists, just allowing myself to live in the moment. You don’t need pets to do this though. Simply taking walks out in nature helps to ground our own energy and clears our emotional body so we feel much lighter and calmer when we get back home. Earthing is a form of therapy that is known to bring healing and peace to the human mind and body. It simply means walking in nature barefoot but if like me you have dogs then that’s not always the sensible option but for me walking and touching the plants and trees has a deeply therapeutic effect. 

5. Mindful Movement


I notice I am much more anxious when I don’t exercise. I used to do yoga daily but I started learning more about intuitive exercise which is really about mindfully connecting to your body and what you are needing that day depending on your energy and emotions. If your feeling stressed, angry, frustrated then a good Hiit workout or running can really help bring yourself back into your body and release some of that frustrated energy. Or if you have been struggling with meditation or calming your mind Yoga is such a powerful way to bring that reconnection back and foster a deeper mindful practice. Moving mindfully is really about letting go of thoughts and bringing yourself back into the present moment through your body. Our bodies are our vessels. We need to love and take care of them as if they are an external part of ourselves. We sometimes treat our bodies far too harshly, comparing them to high expectations that cannot be met or over indulge in the wrong foods when were feeling down or stressed. So start learning to trust in your own bodies wisdom. Let your body guide you to what you are needing to feel balanced and loved. 

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